About Our Pastor

The Reverend Dr. Robert Lewis Stout is a native of Memphis, Tennessee. His father, the Reverend Eddie Stout, was a preacher/pastor for 61 years. Dr. Stout confessed faith in Christ at an early age. Both his church and secular experience are extensive. Dr. Stout has been married to the former Yvonne E. Hendrix of Nashville since 1968. Together, they have one son, Tony.

Personal Quote
“I believe the grand theme of the Bible is the story of redemption, conceived in the mind of God, accomplished in the broken heart of Christ, and conveyed by the work and will of the Holy Spirit. I believe in Jesus’ virgin birth, His death, His burial, His resurrection, His ascension, and His promise gift of the Holy Spirit.”

1963—High school diploma, Mt. Pisgah High School, Memphis
1968—Bachelor of Science (economics), Tennessee State University, Nashville
1970—Master of Science, Tennessee State University, Nashville
1994—Doctor of Christian Education, Holy Trinity College, St. Petersburg, FL

Denominational Work
➢    Chairman, Board of Education at St. James Baptist Church, Nashville
➢    Established the D.L. Williams Scholarship Fund for needy youth (1971-1975) at St. James
➢    Superintendent of Sunday School (1972-1974), St. James Baptist Church
➢    Sunday School Teacher (1971-1980 & 1991-1993), St. James Baptist Church
➢    Chairman Board of Trustees (1974-1985), St. James Baptist Church
➢    Organizer of "Operation Burn the Mortgage (paid off $85,000 in one year)
➢    Reconstructed the entire financial system, St. James Baptist Church
➢    Real estate consultant for church properties (1972-1994)
➢    Conducted seminar on "Christian Money Management" (1992), St. James Baptist Church
➢    Adviser to the Senior Missionary Women (1993-1994), St. James Baptist Church
➢    Seminar "Christian Stewardship" (1993), St. James Baptist Church
➢    Associate Minister 1991-1994, St. James Baptist Church
➢    Pastor, Berean Baptist Church (1999—present)

Corporate Experience
Dr. Stout had twenty years of successful experience with the United States Department of Agriculture as Assistant to State Conservationist, Resource Conservationist and Liaison with Tennessee State University. These positions gifted him with a broad perspective of USDA programs, policies and procedures. These experiences have been established in five different locations in two states.

Additionally, he served as a member of the National Equal Opportunity Committee in Washington D.C. for three years, the Inventory Resource Data Analysis Committee, and the Food and Agriculture Council Subcommittee for Small Farms.

➢    USDA Special Achievement Awards (1975, 1979, 1982)
➢    USDA Certificate of Merit (1984, 1985, 1988)
➢    UFG Outstanding Citizenship Award (1984)
➢    Outstanding Young Man in America (1986)
➢    Middle Tennessee Federal Employee of the Year — Professional and Scientific (1984)
➢    Distinguished Alumni Award, Tennessee State University (1985)
➢    Honorary member, Tennessee House of Representatives (1986)
➢    Tennessee Association of Youth Board Award (1987)
➢    Middle Tennessee Federal Executive Association Black History Award (1987)
➢    Farm Home Ministry Award (1987)
➢    Special Achievement Award for the Food Security Act (1988)

➢    Reaching the Un-Reached, published by the US Department of Agriculture, 1987
➢    Recruiting Minority Students in 1890 Black Colleges, published by Tennessee State University, 1988
➢    What Do Baptists Believe?, published by Universal Printers, 1994

➢    Little Hearts Daycare I
➢    Little Hearts Daycare II
➢    President/CEO, S & T Investment Properties, Inc.
➢    Salon Today
➢    Universal Printers Inc.